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Lewy Body Society

The More People Who Know, The Fewer People Who Suffer

The Lewy Body Society
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The more people who know, the fewer people who suffer

This is a group for anyone interested in, or affected by Lewy Body Disease. Please feel free to write about your experiences with the disease, fundraising ideas, post your wristband photos for uploading to the main site or anything else that is relevant. We welcome everyone. Please be respectful of other members; this is a difficult thing to have to deal with, however you are affected.

We are the only UK based charity that deals exclusively with Lewy Body Demetia, or Lewy Body Disease. Lewy Body Disease shares many symptoms with Alzheimer's and Parkinsons, and due to the fact that it is a relatively unknown disease, this frequently leads to misdiagnoses. Sufferers can become worse when prescribed drugs for other forms of dementia. Despite the fact that many in the medical profession have not heard of it, Lewy Body Disease is the second most common form of age-related neurodegenerative dementia.

The Lewy Body Society was formed in 2006. Our aim is to raise awareness about Lewy Body Dementia and educate both the public and the medical profession about this dreadful disease. Due in large part to a close collaboration between researchers in the UK, Japan and the USA, it is now recognised as a distinct medical condition and not a variant of Alzheimer's or Parkinson's diseases. We hope that in ten years Lewy Body Disease will be as much of a household name as the more known forms of dementia.

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Any questions, feel free to email us at any of these addresses: info at lewybody dot org, lewybodysociety at gmail dot com or alexlewybody at gmail dot com

Cheques can be sent to
The Lewy Body Society
Holland House
10 Chestnut Drive
Hatfield Heath
Bishop's Stortford
CM22 7EZ
United Kingdom

Ian McKeith, our President, and June Brown, our patron, at our one year birthday celebration.