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Lewy · Body · Society

In Memoriam

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Let me know if you have lost someone to Lewy Body Disease and would like us to honour them on our list.

Robert Arnold
John Geoffrey Bailey
Pamela Joyce Bone
Raymond Blakeborough
Rosemary Borrell
Susan Crate Branin
Alex M. Caughran
Jayne L. Caughran
Peter Cawkwell
Doreen Janet Chapman
Ronald Christen
Michael Denham Clifford
Geoffrey Davis
Mary Elizabeth Duggan
HHJ Anthony Arnold Edmondson
Roland Evans
Charles Fewtrell
Estelle Genser
John Gidlow
Gladys Miriam Gold
David Alexander Guy
Allan Jones
Frederick Thomas James King
Terry Knight
James Laverty
Eileen Lush
Eric McDonald
Elizabeth McLean
John Peters
Johnny Poole
Ronald Sauve
Andrew Neil Smith
Herbert Smith
Russell Smith
Ivy Talbot
Dorothy Elsie Watson
Keith Wilkes

They will not be forgotten.
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