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Lewy · Body · Society

We have three wonderful new ways of spreading awareness and raising…

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We have three wonderful new ways of spreading awareness and raising money in time for the holiday season!

Firstly, we have Lewy Body Society tote bags! They are blue, with our slogan and website adorning them, and they hold a remarkable number of items! Buy them for £4 from the site (this includes postage)

Secondly, we have new festive card designs from fantastic artist, Lewy Body Society supporter and all-round good egg Nikky Corker. They cost £4.50 for 12 cards (you get 6 of each design), which also includes postage. Snap them up and help spread the word about Lewy Body dementia!

Finally, our second Lewy Body Society auction is now online! Download our catalogue here. We have a vast range of both blue and white spotty goods, and new to the auction this year, we have 'Dotty' items! The 'Dotty' items are thus named in honour of our patron, Eastenders stalwart June Brown, who has kindly donated many Eastenders-related items of memorabilia! If you see something you like, email your bids to me at alexlewybody@gmail.com.

I do hope you will consider checking out these exciting new things!

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