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Lewy · Body · Society

The More People Who Know, The Fewer People Who Suffer

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Made by Great Silence Media.

Our patron, June Brown

Our president, Ian McKeith

and Lewy Body Society chair member and LBD sufferer, Peter Ashley.

Watch, learn, share. Thanks.
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We have three wonderful new ways of spreading awareness and raising money in time for the holiday season!

Firstly, we have Lewy Body Society tote bags! They are blue, with our slogan and website adorning them, and they hold a remarkable number of items! Buy them for £4 from the site (this includes postage)

Secondly, we have new festive card designs from fantastic artist, Lewy Body Society supporter and all-round good egg Nikky Corker. They cost £4.50 for 12 cards (you get 6 of each design), which also includes postage. Snap them up and help spread the word about Lewy Body dementia!

Finally, our second Lewy Body Society auction is now online! Download our catalogue here. We have a vast range of both blue and white spotty goods, and new to the auction this year, we have 'Dotty' items! The 'Dotty' items are thus named in honour of our patron, Eastenders stalwart June Brown, who has kindly donated many Eastenders-related items of memorabilia! If you see something you like, email your bids to me at alexlewybody@gmail.com.

I do hope you will consider checking out these exciting new things!

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You may now bid until this Friday at midnight.
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Our online auction starts today, running until the 5th December! Please visit this page and download our online catalogue. If you are interested in bidding, then please email auction@lewybody.org, with the subject line "Spotty auction" with your preferred lot and highest bid. In the event of a tied bid, the first bidder will be the winner. All money will go directly to The Lewy Body Society to fund research and spread awareness. Happy bidding everyone!
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This year we have our first packs of Christmas cards available! They are mixed packs, so you get some of both designs.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The cards were designed by Nikki Corker, who is a member of the Lewy Body Society as well as a talented artist. They cost £3.50 for 12 if bought in person, or £4.50 to cover postage. Order here
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Let me know if you have lost someone to Lewy Body Disease and would like us to honour them on our list.

Robert Arnold
John Geoffrey Bailey
Pamela Joyce Bone
Raymond Blakeborough
Rosemary Borrell
Susan Crate Branin
Alex M. Caughran
Jayne L. Caughran
Peter Cawkwell
Doreen Janet Chapman
Ronald Christen
Michael Denham Clifford
Geoffrey Davis
Mary Elizabeth Duggan
HHJ Anthony Arnold Edmondson
Roland Evans
Charles Fewtrell
Estelle Genser
John Gidlow
Gladys Miriam Gold
David Alexander Guy
Allan Jones
Frederick Thomas James King
Terry Knight
James Laverty
Eileen Lush
Eric McDonald
Elizabeth McLean
John Peters
Johnny Poole
Ronald Sauve
Andrew Neil Smith
Herbert Smith
Russell Smith
Ivy Talbot
Dorothy Elsie Watson
Keith Wilkes

They will not be forgotten.
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We have fine and eye-catching wristbands available! Have a look under the cut to see just how versatile they can be! Buy one here and show your support to the world!

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